Outdoor Education Class Offerings

Below are our class offerings presented by category with a short description. For a more detailed description or any questions please contact our Outdoor Education Director Sean at or 513-867-0600 ex 21. For our class selections form click here.

Field ActivitiesYMCA Camp Campbell Gard Keys To Trees Outdoor Education class

CCG's main campus has 300 acres, we see this as our classroom. We are able to do many many things with such a large classroom!

Alpha Beta-Students role-play to learn about celebrating, accepting and acknowledging differences in people, groups, and cultures.

Animal Tracks and Signs-Students will become “animal detectives” as they follow tracks left behind by the animals that inhabit this area.

Forest Ecology-Activities, discussions and a hike exploring different forest communities and interactions on camp.

Keys to Trees-Students will Use a dichotomous key to identify trees on camp property. Learn to identify characteristics of trees, leaves, and seeds. Identify some of the more common trees found in Ohio.

Reading the Woods-Students interpret their environment as they follow a map and instructions around camp.

City Planning-Students play town members and take part in a zoning and planning meeting to discuss development within their community and its side effects.

Comparative Technologies-Students will compare, contrast and use various Native American, Pioneer and Meso-American tools and weapons.

Ecosystem Comparison-Children compare and contrast different areas of camp by exploring, discovering, observing, and testing.

Digging up the Past-Students will explore the concepts of archaeology while excavating a dig site.YMCA Camp Campbell Gard SOil and Rock Outdoor Education class

Endangered Species-Students will discover what is means to be endangered, threatened and rare while learning how they can help.

Soil and Rock Study-Students explore the basic theories of geology by observing processes in action and learning identification and classification. They will also learn about soils through hands-on exploration.

Map Making-Students learn cartographic skills while creating their own map.

Orienteering-A fun activity where students will discover how easy it is to orient themselves to the world around them using basic math skills and a compass

Power House-Students will explore energy sources through discussion and experimentation. We will focus on renewable energy sources.

River Study-Students learn about the Great Miami River by exploring, discovering and observing.YMCA Camp Campbell Gard River Study

Unstructured Play-Students will have the opportunity to play in nature.

Walk Through Time-Students learn about fossils by exploration and identification

Wilderness Survival-Students will discover everything a person needs to survive when placed in a sticky situation.

Animal ActivitiesYMCA CAmp campbell gard flo ferret

We have a nature center with a wide variety of animals we utilize for a very hands on up close teaching experience.

Furry Friends- Students will explore characteristics of mammals and compare different species

Habitat Hospitality- Students will explore the characteristics of different animals from around the world and their habitats.

Ohio Wildlife- Students will get to know the environment right outside in their backyards.

Reptile Round-Up- Students will explore the characteristics and adaptations of reptiles.

Wildlife Adaptations 3 hours- Children will learn about animal and plant adaptations through games and interactions with the nature center animals.

Wildlife Adaptations- Children will learn about animal adaptations through games and interaction with the nature center animals.

Pioneer Activities

Apple Crisp-Students work together to make apple crisp.

Broom Making-Students learn about and make country whisk brooms

Candle Making-Students learn about and make hand-dipped candles.

Funnel Cakes-Children will learn about and make funnel cakes

Ice Cream-Students work together to make hand-cranked ice cream

Knots and Lashings-Students learn how pioneers used knot tying and lashing for daily living.

Native American Games-Children learn and play several different Native American games.

Native American Pottery-Students learn how Native Americans used clay to crate useful vessels and make their own clay pot.

Tools and Weapons-Students will compare, contrast and use various Native American and Pioneer tools and weapons.

Pioneer Homesteading-Students play a game where they are a family of pioneers moving from the East to Ohio for the hope of a more prosperous life. They also explore and learn about our historical log cabin.

Pioneer Tin Craft-Students will enjoy creating a tin punched candle holder like those of the pioneer times.

Pioneer Tools-Students get to use and learn about the tools pioneers would have used.

Pioneer Toys-Students will enjoy discovering the differences between their favorite games and those of the pioneer children.

Survival-Students will learn survival skills that in pioneer days were common knowledge.

Tracking-Students learn about different trail signals as they participate in extreme hide and seek game that pioneer children played to introduce them into the idea of tracking animals.

Weaving-Students create a bookmark or wristband by using a weaving technique.

Living History ProgramsYMCA Camp Campbell Gard School Master Hughes

1794 Frontier Life in Ohio-Students take on various roles as family members from pioneer times moving from the East to Ohio for the hope of a more prosperous life.

Treaty of Greenville-Students play the part of Native American tribes and have to decide whether to accept or reject a treaty from the United States of America in 1795.

Schoolmarm of the 1800's - Students will participate in a classroom operated the way it would been during the 1880's. They experience the teaching style and methods of the time.

Team Building

The Beast-A creative activity in group communication skills using an important premise of teamwork.YMCA Camp Campbell Gard Land skis

Bridge Building-Students work together as a group to create a two line bridge.

Catapult-Students work together as a group to create a working catapult.

Total Team-Students work together as a group to overcome challenges.

CO-OP-Students will be challenged to work effectively as a group. Understand themes of teamwork. Work together as a team and see the talents and weaknesses of people in their group.

CO-OP/Low Ropes (3 Hour Selection) - Students will be challenged to work effectively as a group. Understand themes of teamwork. Work together as a team and see the talents and weaknesses of people in their group.

Recreational Activities

Archery-Students learn the ancient art of archery.YMCA Camp Campbell Gard indoor rock wall

Rock Climbing Wall-Participants will have the opportunity to climb the rock wall which varies in height and difficulty, this activity can be belayed by trained staff or by the participants using a team belay supervised by the Camp staff.

Canoeing- Students will learn how to safely get on and off a canoe. Understand basic water safety rules and why they exist. Learn how to properly paddle and steer a canoe. Use skills to explore an aquatic habitat from a different and much closer perspective.

Zip Line or Giant Swing-Participants will climb up 35 feet in the air and choose between the zipline or the giant swing. The zipline is a smooth ride over the field, while the swing is an exhilarating jump. Both will be assisted to the ground by a staff member and a ladder.

Evening Programs

Quiz Show CCG- Students will participate in a game show Camp Campbell Gard style!

Cageball- Students will play soccer in a crab like fashion.

Campfire- Students participate in a fun, song and skit filled, campfire.

Folk Dancing- Students will learn and participate in some historical and several “old favorite” dances. 

Human Clue- Students in teams figure out those classic detective questions.

Night Hike- Students explore their senses through hands-on activities and experiments.

Alpha Beta-Students role-play to learn about celebrating, accepting and acknowledging differences in people, groups, and cultures.

Half Day Programs

Exploration Hike- Students will explore camp. Experience various activities based in the natural world .Create and direct their own hike. Focus on unique areas under the direction of the instructors.

Native American Life Fair- Students will learn about Native American lifestyles by mimicking hunting techniques, playing games, and making pots.

Amazing Race- A wonderful teambuilding experience where students work together in order to complete challenges all over camp.

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