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YMCA Camp Campbell Gard works on a strict “Choose your Challenge” philosophy which means that no participant will be forced to do something they do not want to do. Each participant will set their own personal goal. The goal of our challenge Adventure Activities is for the participant to challenge themselves and for the group to work together to encourage one another and help keep each other safe.

Our Challenge Adventure Course is inspected annually by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and our Facilitators go through regular trainings.

High Ropes (3 hours for 25 people, Ages 12+)

Our high ropes course begins with a safety orientation and training on how the equipment is to be used. Participants will traverse the various elements while working with a partner to remain safe. Some of the elements include walking across a plank bridge, walking across a single cable and walking across a log all while 35 feet in the air. To get down from the platform, participants will choose the zipline or swing. Click here for more pictures.

Zipline and Giant Swing(1.5 hours for 20 people)YMCA Camp Campbell Gard Retreats  Jump Powerpole

Participants will climb up 35 feet in the air and choose between the zipline or the swing. The zipline is a smooth ride across the field, while the swing is an exhilarating jump. Both will be assisted to the ground by a staff member and a ladder.

Power Pole (2.5 hours for 20 people, Ages 12+)                                                                

Participants are challenged to climb up a pole, stand on top of the pole and jump off in an attempt to reach an object. The goal of the power pole is to challenge the individual participant to overcome their fears and for the group as a whole to work together and grow. 

Rock Climbing Wall (1.5 hours for 20 people)

This activity is housed inside of our Berriage Barn. With 6 different lines of varying height, campers are challenged to try and reach the top on our wall. This activity can be belayed by trained staff members or by a team belay using the participants and staff members.


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