Team Building

Low Ropes (Challenge Course)  and CO-OP Games (1-3 hours for groups of aprox. 15)YMCA Camp Campbell Gard Human Knot Retreats

Our Low Ropes course includes 14 elements that present a challenge to the group and with communication, corporation and  commitment, the group will have to navigate through the challenge. Our CO-OP game are often paired with low ropes. These are low prop activities that also challenge the group in  different ways. 

Amazing Race (3 hours for 15-200 people)

Travel around camp in this exciting activity by following clues and completing tasks.  In this activity groups of about 15 people will work together in varying tasks that challenge both mental and physical skills. Some tasks include archery, fire building and the bouldering wall.

Challenge Olympics (2.5 hours for 20-80 people)

With 8 different stations, small groups of about 8 to 10 people will compete in the Challenge Olympics. Each group is awarded points for completing different Challenges like the spaghetti tower or the tangram

YMCA Camp Campbell Gard ANts on a Log RetreatHuman Clue (1.5 hours for groups of 20-100)

Your group will use their problem solving skills to figure our this camp mystery. With the help from some of the group’s leaders, there are stations for the victim, location, weapon, and suspect. By asking yes or no questions and completing a task for the station they will narrow down their answers to solve this mystery.

Shipwrecked (3 hours for groups of  20)

Students test their teamwork and survival skills in a shipwrecked scenario. Students are taken to a secret camp location to become fully immersed in this exciting experience.  Students will go through different survival situations and cook their own lunch.

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